The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations, (C.A.W.R.) requires Business Owners, Property Landlords, a duty to manage asbestos containing materials within the premises.

asbestos slate

Asbestos removal is not usually needed. In most cases, provided the existence and position is recorded, warnings displayed and is in a safe condition, registers are maintained with details available to any occupier, or contractor working in the premises the law is complied with. (E.g. an electrician feeding new cables through the building needs to know if there are any asbestos materials he plans to drill through and so take special safety measures to reduce exposure.)

For Private House Owners or a Prospective Purchasers whilst it is not a legal requirement the same benefits apply. For the seller a Valuation Report will often mention Presumed Asbestos Materials and the price offered may be reduced. If this can be countered with a survey report confirming that all presumed asbestos has been tested and found to be free of asbestos a reduction in your offer price could be avoided. For the Purchaser, particularly if a DIY enthusiast or plans extra work on the house needs to know as the presence of asbestos could greatly increase the cost of modifications.

Asbestos Fibres

Asbestos can be found in insulation and wall boards, lagging, loose asbestos between floorboards, textured coatings on ceiling walls etc., composites such as floor tiles, cisterns etc sprayed coatings on beams etc., textiles in fuse and electrical boxes gaskets etc., Asbestos Cement such as roofing and profile sheets, guttering etc and was used extensively in post war properties and can be found in any properties built before 200AD

All our surveys are carried out to a minimum of that required under MDHS100 and HSG 264. Each room is examined together with voids and roof space subject to adequate access. The reports allow for a single page for each suspect material and the position that any sample was taken can be seen from the photographs and plan. When samples are tested they are sent to a UKAS Laboratory for testing.

Reports are produced on specialist asbestos survey software and sent in both printed and PDF format. Click here to see an actual report.