During 2006, the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 took place. This introduced significant changes to the way fire authorities will enforce the law from 2006 and all commercial property owners or tenants will need to be aware of the changes.

Fire Extinguisher

The fire authorities are looking for:

Previously commercial properties had a duty to be carrying out fire risk assessments. But didn’t because they possessed a fire certificate and therefore felt this was sufficient. With the introduction of the new regulations from 2006 the fire certificates will be withdrawn, and the fire authorities will begin a process of checking that suitable and sufficient risk assessments are being carried out.

House on Fire

Your current duties under H&S involve conducting proper risk assessments on all areas of your commercial premises, carrying out fire drills, making sure fire fighting equipment is both adequate and the servicing is up to date, training fire wardens, making sure your fire alarm and emergency lighting is tested, etc. Many companies simply add this duty to an already overworked manager thereby reducing the probability of it being done correctly, and at worst putting lives at risk.

For a small outlay you could have that complete peace of mind that everything was not only up to date, but that in the worst case scenario your business was in a much stronger position to survive and grow.

Call Sterling to arrange a risk assessment and discuss how you can comply at modest cost.